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Hello! Just wanted to say I’ve moved this blog to a different site, and the website address is in the next post (-:

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imageHave a good Thanksgiving!

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Four Months

Hi! It’s been four months since I wrote last on here so I guess I should write.
In July we had two birthdays. In August we went to NJ. In September we had two birthdays and 5 births. And nothing has happened in October. I will try to write more often.


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the other parent


one of the parents

other parent

3 hungry babies+1egg

3 hungry babies+1egg




A few weeks ago we found four mocking bird eggs in a nest… Three of them hatched, here are some pictures…

Interesting Information About Mocking Birds

*Mocking birds get there name from mocking other birds. They do not have a song of their own, and have been known to mimic squeaky wheelbarrows, and people whistling.



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Recently we’ve had a woodpecker stop by. Here is a picture of him and the hole he pecked.DSCF8719 DSCF8676

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Spring Flowers


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Gardening+ season poll


I don’t know about you, but my favorite season is spring…
Today we went to a plant nursery, and got some fruit and vegetable plants. Tomorrow we will plant them in our garden, and that is something I always enjoy.
Besides the fruit and vegetable plant, there seems to be flowers everywhere! My favorite flowers are daisies and lillies. I hope to put some flowers pictures on here soon….
But for now, here is a poll for anyone interested-

And don’t forget… if you would like to sign up, just write your name, age, and email to

Hope to write more soon-flowersinmybasket

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March 16

For those of you who are interested….

There are 290 day left until the end of the year, and today is the 89th day of the year.

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Spring Is coming!!!!             (  Kind of)   PICT1353 PICT1658

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We didn’t get any good pictures on Monday because my camera doesn’t zoom much.     But it was still fun. We saw some chickadees, a blue bird, and some birds that I don’t know the name of.

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I  am very busy right now so I cannot write much. I will try to write on Monday.  Me  and my two youngest sisters, Ellie and Sara are going to have a picnic in the backyard and are going to try to see birds. If I get a good picture of a bird  I will put it on here then.

Also –  We  still only have 7 or 8 people signed up.  Should we wait until we get 20 people, or should we do it right away? If you want to answer that, you can email

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John 15:7

I ye abide in me and my words abide in you-ye shall ask what ye will and it shall be given unto you.
John 15-7
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A single Egg

We have four Chickens.PICT5168

Three  red-Risa,Rosie, and Henrietta. And one speckled-Clyde.                                   Clyde is my Dad’s Chicken. Today he laid his first egg! The red ones haven’t started yet though. We knew it was his, because he was in the coop later than usual today, and when he came down, it was there!                  Happy New Years!-

from flowersinmybasket and Clyde

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Does anybody have some ideas for this website?

It could be ideas for more pages. Or ideas of stories or anything else to post. Or maybe something that is one day a week(example- Recipe every Tuesday, or Wedneday’s stories etc)




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For those of you who are interested-  there is 7 hours and 25 minutes until 2014.

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drawing circles

One day a girl named Anna said, “I love to Draw! I draw so much!”

Another girl, whose name was Emily said”Not as much as  I do!”

Anna replied by saying,” I could draw circles around you!”

” Oh no you can’t!” said Emily.

Just then Anna got out a piece of paper. She got a pencil, and drew a big U in the middle of the paper. Then, she drew two circles around it. “See! Told you I could draw circles around you!”

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We have gotten three new readers since December 8th! (including me!)

current readers-

Tara Danner

Ashlea Dull

Sierra Zehr

Breanna Reinford

Laura Danner

Kayla Weaver

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Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Tara Danner   replied to the Christmas Traditions post by saying-

“Every Christmas I make chocolate covered pretzels to  give to people.”

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Dear Flowers in My basket readers,

I just wanted to let you know that we will be having a photo contest after we have reached 20 readers.

Right now we only have 3. To be a reader, you must email   and tell us your name, age, and email.

Help us get readers! Tell others!

We will tell you more details about the photo contest after we get 20 readers.

-flowers in my basket

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Sierra Zehr’s Chickens

IMG_0361 IMG_0358(1)

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Christmas Traditions

Do you have a Christmas tradition you would like to share?

Something you do each year with family or friends? Email if you want to share it.

For our family, a couple days before Christmas my Grandmom visits us and stays until a few days after Christmas.

What do you do for Christmas?

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                        Christmas is only 23 days-  and I am very excited!

If you have a Christmas story or poem that you want to share, email it to           to have it on this website.

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Like our new teapot? Her name is Betsy.PICT4149

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Mini MousePICT4137

Here is Mini Mouse and My sail boat.  I made them yesterday out of a walnut, here is me riding in the boat.(-:

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Hi, I’m Emma,And here are some of my favorite things.ImageImageImageImageImageImageThis is Penny. She is actually my sister’s horse, but i still like her a lot.

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Fun Facts

Fun Facts

  • It’s possible to lead a cow upstairs…but not downstairs.
  • Butterflies taste with their feet.
  • Elephants are the only mamals that can’t jump.
  • The longest recorded flight of a chicken is thirteen seconds.
  • Snails can sleep for 3 years without eating
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By the Shores of Silver Lake

This week I have been reading a book-By the Shores of Silver Lake

It is #5 in a series /Laura Ingalls Wilder Books. What the book is about-
The Ingalls family( Charles Caroline Mary Laura Carrie and Grace )
get a surprise visitor. It is their Aunt, and she came to say that if they moved to Silver Lake, Charles Ingalls could get a job making railroads, and would get paid a lot. But their blind daughter, Mary is sick. So Charles Ingalls goes alone. Later, when Mary is better, the family takes a train, and meets him. They live in a shanty, which is big enough for two bunk beds to be inside, touching each other. The shanty has no door. Just a curtain. When it is almost winter, a man says to them that he is going away until spring, and that they could live in his house by Silver lake, because the shanty would be to cold. It even comes with food for them. Winter comes. Snow is all over. The lake is frozen. Christmas comes. All you could see for miles was white. Their closest neighbor is 60 miles away.  Pa played the fiddle and they were cozy in the house all winter long. Laura and Carrie go outside, and see a huge wolf. They start to run to the house.

To find out more, read By the Shores of Silver Lake.

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What is your favorite animal?

I’ll pick rabbits (-:

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The Pretty Pond Or Lovely Lake

PICT3944PICT3946 PICT3949 PICT3950 PICT3954 Once upon a time three girls went in the woods. They rode half way on bicycles, then hiked the rest of the way. They brought a bag with them, and in the bag there was a camera, a water bottle, bandages, an umbrella (better be safe then sorry) and some other things of the sort. Also, a dear dog followed them, to keep them safe. While hiking, they found some darling daisies.   One girl took a picture of them. Then they came across a scary snake skin. It was all broken up. The girl took a picture of that too. After that, they hiked some more. Then they came across a Lovely Lake. Or maybe a Pretty Pond. The girl with the camera took a picture. It also had a beautiful boat. She took a picture of that too. Then on the way back, they found a dead mushy mole.  Yes. That got it’s picture taken too. But I don’t think you want to see it. Well, back to the story.
They All went in for perfect pumpkin pie on that dazzling day.

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My twin sister!


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proverbs 17 :22

Proverbs 17:22

A merry heart does good like medicine but a bitter spirit dries the bones.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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Email for emails about flowers in my basket!

Just say you name email and age!

So far only one person has written in-Sierra Zeir

____Flowers In my Basket

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The first person to write back was Ashlea Elizabeth Dull

Born October 27-2,000

Age 13Ashlea Dull

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What would you rather be?

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To join, write an email to

In the email, just write your name.

Whoever replies fastest will be posted on this website.

_____flowers in my basket

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Autumn Has Come!

Sitting on swing Looking up

Sitting on swing Looking up


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The katydid says it as plain as can be

And the crickets are saying it under a tree;

In the aster’s blue eyes you may read the same hint,

Just as clearly as if you had seen it in print;

And the corn sighs it, too, as the waves in the sun,

That Autumn is here, and the summer is done.

By Peris Gardiner

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Miracle and Faithie 'Twins(not identical

Miracle and Faithie ‘Twins(not identical

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Flowers In my Basket

Hi!   If you would like to receive emails from this website each time more is added please email me at

And write you name, age, and email address,


Flowers In My Basket

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What kind of flowers do you like?

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Welcome to this website. It is called”flowers in my basket”.

This was started September 2013.

It’s topics will be, dolls, photos, poems, recipes and more.

Hope you enjoy!

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Hello! This is my first post.

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