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Hello! Just wanted to say I’ve moved this blog to a different site, and the website address is in the next post (-:

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imageHave a good Thanksgiving!

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Four Months

Hi! It’s been four months since I wrote last on here so I guess I should write.
In July we had two birthdays. In August we went to NJ. In September we had two birthdays and 5 births. And nothing has happened in October. I will try to write more often.


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the other parent


one of the parents

other parent

3 hungry babies+1egg

3 hungry babies+1egg




A few weeks ago we found four mocking bird eggs in a nest… Three of them hatched, here are some pictures…

Interesting Information About Mocking Birds

*Mocking birds get there name from mocking other birds. They do not have a song of their own, and have been known to mimic squeaky wheelbarrows, and people whistling.



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Recently we’ve had a woodpecker stop by. Here is a picture of him and the hole he pecked.DSCF8719 DSCF8676

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Spring Flowers


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